While I originally created this blog for my family & relations to follow my progress with my research of my maiden name "Vodden" & its variants to provide them with an appreciation of the time & effort required, it is now including my Professional business and Volunteer posts. Thank you for following this site! Linda J. Hauley PLCGS

Sunday, April 15, 2012

After struggling with the name of my business and obviously the title of my blog, I have landed on this new image for my professional business:  Trace My AncesTree.  This new name portrays what I want my objective in my profession to lean towards.  Now that's not to say I only want to trace client's trees but it's what I've enjoyed most about doing my own family tree research.  Putting the pieces of the puzzle together has been a favorite past-time and what better occupation can one have that extends from a life long passion.  Tracing family trees always has been enjoyable and now will be even more enjoyable doing it for someone else.

That's not to say this will take me away from my interest in my Vodden One Name Study.  Having just virtually attended the AGM and Conference while sitting in the comfort of my home office, I realize how much I have accomplished with connecting so many Vodden's throughout the world; however, there is so much more I could do.  Check back from time to time to see what we've put together and new data collections.  I will be posting my Vodden One Name Study on the Guild of One Name Study's site in the very near future.  Hopefully  reactivating interest in my Facebook pages and getting in touch with as many as I can, we will build our Vodden family into a lively community.

And of course, as the Canada East Regional Rep for the Guild of One Name Studies, my ambition is to make every provincial genealogical society aware of the Guild and hopefully generate interest in other genealogists to take on a One Name Study of their own.  See you at the Ontario Genealogical Society's AGM and Conference in Kingston at the beginning of June, 2012.  Please stop by and say hello!!!

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